no one will ever believe you


brynn's bashblog (boring)
i know what a j peg is (dumb)
small or cute websites, things i care about (neat)


brynn's navidrome (mostly lossless web/subsonic streaming; guest/guest)
(requires js, sorry)
downtempo, slowcore, lounge pop, dream pop stream (coming soon)
open directories (coming soon)
public yggdrasil peer (info)

accessing this box

i2p eepsite


l200bps on volatile, irc2p, freenode (that's an L, not a 1)
message me instantly (xmpp+omemo) (discord [preferred?])
i microblog at (
music i listen to lives at ( (rym)
trivially found elsewhere if you really want
fuck matrix though


i hope to evoke a bit of the internet we grew up with on this site,
that pale green glow through rose-tinted glasses,
without descending into parody; i hope y'all like it

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